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Snoring & Oral Appliances
There is no such thing as “benign” snoring!
“Second hand” snoring is a real pain with consequences.

Oral Appliances
can help.
Oral Appliances are devices used to treat a MEDICAL condition. They are considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and require a prescription from a medical doctor.
How Oral Appliances Work
Oral appliances hold the lower jaw forward; this bring the tongue away from the back of the throat. Also, muscle tone in the tongue, palate, uvula, and muscles that form the walls of the throat are improved, making the throat less collapsible.

Below are views of a compromised airway and one with an oral appliance solution in place. 

Over the Counter “Boil & Bite” appliances vs. custom fit appliance?

“Boil and bite” appliances purchased in a store or on the internet may help a small number of people for a short time. They may be useful as an interim appliance temporarily when a custom appliance needs to be sent to the laboratory for adjustment or repair. They tend to not stay in the mouth very well and are not made as strong as custom appliances. They can also cause problems with chewing and pain in muscles and joints.

In a research study, over the counter appliances have been shown to be less comfortable and less effective than custom appliances. If they don’t work well a person may feel discouraged and believe that all oral appliances are no good. This would be a disservice to people who are really suffering and really may need this valuable treatment option.